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Travel Clinic

Travel with confidence, knowing that your safety is our priority. At our dedicated clinic, we offer a comprehensive range of travel vaccinations and medications to protect you from common travel-related illnesses. From essential vaccines like tetanus, rabies, and hepatitis A to effective malaria tablets, we've got you covered.

Our experienced staff provides personalized guidance based on your specific travel plans, ensuring you receive the best protection for worry-free adventures.

Conveniently located in Felixstowe, minutes away from Ipswich, Woodbridge, and surrounding areas, we are here to ensure your peace of mind as you embark on your global journey.

Trust our expertise and travel safely with us.

Providing NHS Services

Walton Pharmacy is dedicated to providing fast and reliable prescription dispensing services, so you can be sure your medication is dispensed quickly and accurately. Trusted by families and physicians alike, we are dedicated to helping you get the medication you need quickly and conveniently. More details

🚺 UTI Test & Treat Service: Convenient Relief!

🚺 UTI Test & Treat Service: Convenient Relief!

Discover our comprehensive UTI Test & Treat Service, offering quick and effective management of urinary tract infections. Our experienced pharmacists provide the following:

✅ UTI Screening: Confidential consultation to assess symptoms and medical history.

✅ In-Pharmacy Urine Test: Non-invasive test for accurate UTI detection.

✅ Personalized Treatment: Tailored recommendations based on test results.

Experience swift relief and regain control of your routine. Trust our professional care for the UTI Test & Treat Service! More info

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