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Alcohol Reduction

The UK has a worldwide reputation as a nation of drinkers. Millions of UK citizens are classed as ‘alcohol dependent’.


Cutting back on the booze can be hard, especially when alcohol feels so integral to social life. Modern clinical treatments can help you find the discipline needed to drink in moderation, or to give up alcohol altogether.


Initial consultation to understand drinking habits,general health and suitability. Discussion of goals- advice and support provided.

Patient keeps a drink diary for 2 weeks.

Second consultation to review drink diary and decide if medical treatment (Prescription strength medication) is recommended. Further advice and support provided.

Weekly or fortnightly meetings to keep on track.

Electronic access to consultation platform from home to keep track of progress.

We will be as involved as you need to help you through.

Price structure:

£20 for consultations. 

If tablets needed: £120 per month for cost of tablets and any meetings needed. (Cost of consultation (£20) deducted from first £120- i.e 1st month £100+£20 consultation)

If you would like a quick (free) 5-10min discussion on the treatment available and how it works before signing up, call 01394 284139 or walk in for a chat with the pharmacist.

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